5 Steps To Heal Your Frown

Frowning is a negative feeling. You can convert it into a healing journey by self healing.

Acknowledge Feelings

Always acknowledge your feelings and emotions as they are. Do not try to run away from them. Irrespective of whether it is anger or hurt, happiness or guilt, worry or anxiety, whatever form of emotions you may have, acknowledge them.


You should always try and accept things as they are. To accept is to acknowledge. Introspect and question yourself, “What do I believe in?” Why are you accepting your beliefs without reasoning? Avoid usage of words “Should”, “Shouldn’t”, “Must”, etc and experience what effect it has on you. Believe in the fact that you can always accept without being in agreement.

Breathe Consciously

Enjoy the present moment and experience the air that you breathe in and breathe out. Be conscious of your breathing. Practice this several times in a day. How long you need to do this at a given point in time depends on how long it takes for you to feel empty within. Feel the breath inside your body.


Do not hold tension anywhere in your body. The tension in your mind reflects in your body – somewhere or the other. It may reflect in your shoulders, in your head, in your mouth, anywhere and everywhere in your body. Identify that part of your body and encourage relaxation.

Dream being in your favorite destination enjoying the locale, imagine the tension getting out of your body like smoke from a cigarette when you breathe out. Involve yourself in relieving your mind, body and soul from the tension that it has created.

Connect with your heart

Imagine a pool of energy is in the center of your palms. Rub your palms together and then place one of your hands on the spiritual heart, the thumb and the index finger, placed near the collar bone.

Close your eyes gently and concentrate on your spiritual heart. Let your palm connect with your heart. Let a prayer rise right from your heart and feel this prayer heal your soul.

The above steps are part of a self-healing strategy to convert your frown to a more meaningful prayer which has the power to heal you, your body and its soul. The above “exercises” can be practiced even without having a frown. Whenever you feel tensed, whenever you feel things are getting out of control, practice these simple steps immediately. The path from a frown to relaxation will then need not be trodden often.

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