Absolute Acai Review

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Absolute Acai Review

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Absolute Acai ReviewAbsolute Acai Review: Many people are overweight or too skinny and want to get into prime shape. That’s a body that will make the opposite sex drool. Men, I know exactly how it feels to have a body that girls may say “eww” over. It’s not fun is it? Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to find a health regimen that really is personalized and works for everyone. I’ve tried.

Acai Berry supplements have made a huge splash lately in the muscle building niche. It’s something to get on now while it’s hot and start seeing the benefits before it’s mainstream and potentially boring.

Absolute Acai Berry for men is designed to do two things – improve on your health and help you lose weight. The benefits I’m about to list below are taken from their website at AbsoluteAcaiBerry.com.

–  Acai has more antioxidants then blueberry or pomegranate

–  Helps increase burned calories

– Fight Free Radical Damage

The reviews of Absolute Acai are looking very good so far. A glimpse around the internet is full of success stories about Absolute acai berry and they really seem to be piling up. I for one am going to take the plunge and try this product – in the mean time please leave your own Absolute Acai Review in the comments section so we can start getting a bit of a list going here.

Absolute Acai Reviews

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  1. philip pratley says:

    over two years I lost a total of 63 lbs by conventional means. Then I annoyingly got stuck still about 12 – 15lbs overweight. Nothing would shift those last few pounds. The acai adds looked like an answer – wrong! Big Big disappointment. Took the capsules for the trial month and managed to add 8lbs. Still have the life style that lost 63 pounds, but up went my weight day by day. Also over the trial period, body fat went up from 24 percent to 29 percent.. Thought the adds were too good to be true – and they were.


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