Acai Berry Reviews

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Top 2 Products for 2010

Update: there is now a section called “Buy Acai Berry Juice” which is very detailed.

1. Acai Detox Xtreme/Exclusive For Men

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Since there are so many anti-aging and weightloss acai berry products, we’ve set up this listings page that will feature links to acai berry reviews and official sites where you can get their products. Each brand that we list will be open for our readers to rate and review.

Acai Berry Reviews For Men

1. Acai Ripped – meant for energy, fat burning and muscle gain.
2. Acai Detox Extreme Reviews
3. Absolute Acai Berry Review
4. Acai Berry Exclusive Review
5. Acai Force Max
6. Max Acai Boost Extreme

Acai Reviews Female/Male

Acai Pure Ultra – Quite the hot product, many people are using this as their primary source of acai berry and anti oxidants.

Acai Elite Extreme – This is becoming quite the hot acai berry product as the holidays approach.

Acai Optimum

Strong Acai Review – These guys really pride themselves on having a strong dosage of acai.

Acai Thin Review – Another new one we havn’t heard too much about, drop a line.

Pro Acai Max – Currently Not Shipping, Use Caution

We want to hear about the good and the bad when you leave your own acai berry reviews, so don’t be shy in your posts.

Acai Slim Detox Now

Update Feb. 16th – Acai Pure listing has now been posted, one of the new supplements on the scene.