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Acai Fit – a spankin new acai berry product is now up on our site for all of our readers to review. If you have tried acai fit, please let us know how well it worked out for you, how long you’ve been taking it, the benefits you’ve been seeing, etc, etc. The Acai Fit Reviews don’t need to be too long, but there is also no maximum length. Please only leave an Acai Fit review if you have actually used it and followed the instructions for Acai Fit Supplements that were on the bottle/package, etc.

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Acai Fit Countries:

Acai Fit countries are as follows; USA. That means that currently Acai Fit supplements only ship to the United States. If you want to order Acai Fit online ( not available widespread in stores) then you can go here and you’ll be taken to the official order page where you can buy Acai Fit.

Acai Fit Reviews

Below is where you leave reviews of Acai Berry Fit Supplements.

Free Trial of Acai Fit: You can currently get a free trial of Acai Fit supplements if you live in the USA. Click here for more info. You can also check out one of the many more acai berry trials if this Acai Fit doesn’t suit you.

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6 Responses to “Acai Fit”
  1. I ordered the free trial of Acai-Fit, but there was a charge to my credit card of $79.95 on 10/30/09. Please explain why this charge was made. I have seen some good from using Acai-Fit, but I don’t trust you in using my credit card, so please do not send me any more pills. In fact, I may cancel my credit card because of what you have done. I EXPECT A FULL REFUND OF THE $79.95 AND NO MORE CHARGES PUT ON IT. LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU.


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