Acai Force Max Free Trial

Acai Force Max TrialAcai Force Max Free Trial

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So what is this free trial from Acai force max all about? Well the first thing you’ll notice is that the homepage at on the right hand side has a box to fill out your info. That’s the area where you will begin.

The second page you’ll have to fill out some more information. You pay a nominal shipping and handling fee and then you will be done. The next step is to wait for your Acai Force Max Free Sample to come in the mail. You see why they call it free trial, because you only have to pay shipping and handling.

Acai Force Max Free Sample Info

So then what, do the bottles stop on their own? No, if you don’t want Acai Force Max anymore then you need to cancel it on their website or phone or else they will send you another bottle at full price. That is the standard method of billing for online diet supplement so don’t freak out, just be knowledgeable.

Another important issues is if it’s even worth it to use Acai Force Max? The results so far have been extremely positive as have been the ratings and reviews on various sites across the web. So if you are thinking about taking an acai berry supplement, without a doubt you’ve made a good choice with AcaiForceMax.

Acai Force Max Free Trial

One last note of course, like most diet supplements containing acai berry, they do not ship worldwide, at least for their free 14 day trial. The following countries are eligible as of today: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, NZ. There you have it, time is ticking folks.

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