Acai Slim Detox Now Review

Acai Slim Detox Now Review: It is a new product and we havn’t really heard too much about it. Let’s take a closer look at all the benefits Acai Slim Detox now Boasts on their own website, a sort of self-review. As always, your comments are appreciated.

Acai Slim Detox Now

– Burn Fat Faster (assumedly because of the great acai berry)

– Look Great (well I guess looking great would be quite the miracle for some of us)

– All-Natural (something I like to hear)

– Make Your Friends Jealous (typical marketing fluff?)

– Lose Weight (OK I’m in.)

The following quote is directly off their page found at

We only use the best Acai berry extract we can find when we create Acai Slim Detox Now in our North American FDA registered manufacturing facility. We believe in selling a high-quality product.

We also include active ingredients that have been shown in clinical trials to help people lose weight much faster than diet and exercise alone. The combination of the antioxidants in Acai berry extract and our active ingredients means we are selling you an incredibly powerful formula! For men, our last post was an Acai Detox Extreme Review, it’s a good one to check out.

Easily add your own say about this product in the comments section below!


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