Acne In Adulthood

Acne in adulthood

If, despite having spent thirty acne continues to manifest itself in your skin, do not worry, there are solutions that will help you overcome this annoying and unsightly skin condition. Treatment exists for each type of case, the key is consistency.

If you suffer the discomfort of this disease, whether mild or severe, do not worry. Put yourself in the hands of a dermatologist as soon as possible to determine which is the source of your problem and you will win the right treatment to battle those pesky granites. Getting rid of acne can be done with anti aging acne products.

Why this age

Acne knows no gender or age. While it is true they give in adolescence due to hormonal hyperactivity which leads to increased sebaceous secretion, a small group continues to suffer in later life or it manifests a certain age, although not suffering from puberty.

The causes? Many factors can affect the production of androgens (male hormones), causing acne. Since genetic predisposition to hormonal abnormalities, or facial treatments aggressive pollution, including stress, obesity or diabetes.

It must be the doctor to determine the exact diagnosis and to give appropriate treatment. It is important not to self, especially with products usually indicated for adolescents and youth that acne is different for the adult.


Depending on the severity and cause of acne is a prescription or other treatment.

For milder acne usually administer a topical treatment, ie drugs that are applied directly on skin.

Tretinoin. Derived from vitamin A that has a queratolítica (scaly skin that may leave the fat and not accumulate). Also, has a mild and indirect action on the colonization of bacteria at the base of the sebaceous gland. Used to treat forms of non-inflammatory acne (comedones or black spots). As a side effect can cause some skin irritation, especially at the start of therapy.
Benzoyl peroxide (POB). Exfoliates that fights bacterial infection and inflammation. Is often used for inflamed forms of acne. Its main drawback is that it irritates the skin and scaly too.
Azelaic acid. Attacks acne from a triple sidewall destroys the keratin plug and grease (action queratolítica), reduce inflammation (anti-inflammatory action) and removes the bacteria associated with acne (antibacterial action).
Topical antibiotics. Fight bacterial infection and inflammation.

Many of these products are used at night because of its incompatibility with the sun.

For a little more persistent acne used oral treatments.

Antibiotics. Can be quite effective for certain types of acne. But in return can cause gastrointestinal disturbances or may introduce a certain resistance to bacteria and become ineffective.
Hormonal treatments. Are substances that reduce the overproduction of androgens, as opposed to them, it also reduces the overproduction of fat. Usually applied in women (we’re talking about the pill), which not only leads antiandrogen but is accompanied by estrogen (female hormone). It is a good solution because it is a very effective treatment against acne, and also provides a contraceptive protection and controls the menstrual cycle. Three effects in a single gesture.

There are some factors external to us that the problem may aggravate acne and should be avoided if you do not want to worsen the condition.

Acne in adulthood
Salt. At high ratios can lead to increased sebaceous secretion, causing the grain, especially in people prone to acne. If this is your case, avoid preserved meats such as hams, cheeses and any kind of processed food.
Peanut oil. Very often used in oriental and exotic foods, such as Thailand or China.
Mineral oil. Have large molecules that block the pores. Often used in cosmetics for its low price.
Lanolin. Although it has valuable properties in cosmetics, can also cause clogging of the pores.
Petroleum jelly. It is often used in lipsticks and in some cosmetics. It also clogs the pores.
Artificial colorings and flavorings. Also used in cosmetics. Use best products with essential oils and no harmful chemicals.
Dirty hair. Keep your hair clean and avoid contact with the face, especially if it is fat.
Hair Conditioner. Beware not to fall in the face when you clarify the hair is usually very oily.
Hands. Try not to touch your face during the day. Hands accumulate many bacteria that can infect your skin.
Pillow. Change your pillow frequently to prevent grease from your skin accumulates on the pillow and contaminate your face.

During the process of curing or controlling demonstrations and outbreaks of acne, typically long, the record is essential to obtain a good result. The reward of tenacity born rid once and for all of those unsightly pimples.

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