Anti Aging Underwear In France!

Wow, something very interesting comes out of France, today – Anti Aging underwear. Don’t worry, I did a double take when I first caught wind of this too. Let me explain what’s going on in the innovative land of the French.

In a new fashion show upcoming in Paris, the anti aging underwear will be unveiled with some very cool features – namely anti-wrinkle properties that also assist in hydrating your skin. These bras and panties are designed to prevent wrinkles caused by normal apparel.

There are also bras in the line that react to your body heat during workouts – amazing. It seems like if you want to make it big with non supplement type businesses in the anti aging industry, you need to get creative and unique.

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One Response to “Anti Aging Underwear In France!”
  1. smilinggreenmom says:

    Weird! I had no idea that apparel caused wrinkles??? I suppose something like this is better than chemical based anti-aging creams and meds. I refuse to use anything like this anymore and onlyl use my baking soda wash, pure olive oil moisturizer and my Vidazorb OPC age defense probiotic. I think it is so important to be natural and I guess underwear would be a healthy way to go too! LOL

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