Anti-Stress Pill

We certainly all live some stressed out lives. Those of us that work, do it long hours and sometimes work more than one job. In today’s economy, you are lucky to even have one and the stress definitely piles up.

Woudn’t it be great if there was some sort of magic pill that could extend our lives so we could live a bit easier? Scientists say that we ma not be so far away after all.

As you know from our anti aging product website, the anti aging boom is here. There is no telling how big it’s going to get in the next few years! We are continuing to see anti aging eye creams, anti aging wrinkle creams, anti aging pills and lotions and every thing you can imagine, day after day.

Rita Effros, the researcher who led the UCLA study, believes that she can synthesize a pill that combats stress by putting more telomerase — the substance that builds telomeres — into the body. This would keep those telomeres large, even in the face of large amounts of cortisol. It might also make your body live a lot longer too. – source

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this and other studies. Let’s all cross our fingers for easy access ways to increase our longevity over the coming months and years.

Till next time, To a long life.

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