AntiAging Snake Venom Cream!

Antiaging Snake Venom Cream? Sounds like something out of a sci-fi or horror flick, doesn’t it? Well you can now consider this very real antiaging snake venom a REAL product.

Now it’s probably good to note that this Snake Venom cream is actualyl synthetic snake venom. It can’t harm you like a bite from a real snake could. There is not just one oddball company who has recently introduced snake venome cream’s either – in fact, the number is closer to 10 in recent weeks alone.

The idea to use snake venom for antiaging wrinkle creams came from some very intelligent people that figured if a snake’s venom can paralyze an enemy, then smaller amounts of snake venom would be able to paralyze wrinkles in the same fashion.

“Skin-care companies such as Sonya Dakar, Syence, Borba and Planet Skincare are making lotions that contain a synthetic venom called Syn-ake. They say the products smooth wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles”

Have you heard of crazier things inside antiaging products? let us know!


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One Response to “AntiAging Snake Venom Cream!”
  1. Patricia A says:

    Wow that is so GROSS! I would never want to put snake venom on my face.

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