Kim Cattrall Named Spokeswoman of Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash

Tweet More and more celebrities are signing deals with anti aging companies these days. We just reported on Sofia Vergara and Covergirl, and now we have Kim Cattrall, being named the spokeswoman for Olay’s “7 in 1 Advanced Anti-aging Body Wash”. Honestly, whoever does the marketing over at Olay should be getting a raise, because […]

Sofia Vergara Named The New CoverGirl!

Tweet Amazing news for the Colombian model Sofia Vergara today, as she was announced as the new covergirl! Congrats to Sofia, as she joins many other great’s like Taylor Swift, Cindy Crawford and Nikki Taylor. Not bad company to be in one of the world’s premier beauty and anti aging companies, Covergirl. We found more […]

Anti Aging Snake Serum By Rodial

Tweet A London company has been making quite a buzz lately with their large lineup of snake serum inspired products. As reported in Hollywood Today, there has been a number of celebrities that have gotten this company attention in recent time. Celebs including Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham have both been donating their names for […]

Sejaa Pure Skin Care Review (Gisele Bundchen)

Tweet This is not a bs free trial offer, the Sejaa Pure Skin Care by Gisele Bundchen is cheap, legit, and did we mention made by the most beautiful women ON EARTH? Sejaa Pure Skin Care Review: This new and cool product is developed by none other than the beautiful and very famous model Gisele […]

ABC Primetime Anchor Becomes Guinea Pig For New Anti Aging Supplement

Tweet This guy is brave, check out the video here on him doing a segment on this brilliant new anti aging supplement. All I know is I want in on this little yellow pill that says something about reducing oxygenated stress in the blood. Gimme!

Charlize Theron And Emu Oil

Tweet In a recent issues of Instyle magazine, Charlize Theron has revealed one of her secrets for keeping such beautiful hair. Reports have surfaced on the net pinpointing how unique it is, and possibly important if you follow celeb tips closely. If you don’t know who she is, she is one of the most famous […]

Is Brad Pitt's Anti Aging Routine Making Him Look Fake?

Tweet We sometimes are a little too harsh on celebs as a society – we look up to them so we have certain expectations of them. Heck, which one of us wouldn’t want to get paid millions of dollars to be in 1 movie? I know I would. Some journalists like ihairstyler are noting that […]

Halle Berry's Anti-Aging Secret?

Tweet You might be surprised at what Halle Berry had to say is her little secret to staying younger! Halle is well known internationally as being one of the most highest paid and beautiful actresses in the world. Her secret? Dating a guy 10 years younger. Halle says on Pop Sugar, “We only are as […]

Sammy Sosa Anti Aging Skin Lightener?

Tweet Sammy Sosa really keeps his age well guys. You remember Sammy , the race with Mcguire, and all the scandals. What you’ll also remember is he played pro baseball for 20+ years and faced day after day of long seasons in the sun – directly hitting his skin. Chicago Tribune saw Sammy Sosa at […]