Why Coffee is Getting Great Health Press Lately

Tweet For years coffee was seen as this terrible unhealthy drink that people should start getting away from because of what it could do to your body.  But lately scientists and the health community have taken a closer look and are starting to see coffee in a new light. From helping to stem depression and […]

Acaiberry Select Italian Weight Loss

Tweet Acaiberry Select Italian Weight Loss Acai berries have proven to be beneficial to our bodies because of their rejuvenating and detoxifying properties. Acaiberry Select Italian Weight Loss has utilized these properties to formulate a weight loss supplement that will be sure to have you ready for Summer. Many recent weight loss supplements have been […]

Smokey Eyes By Design Mom

Tweet Head over to Design Mom’s site to check out the full post and of course the credit of this beautiful photo.

Board Certification For Plastic Surgeons

Tweet How do you know you are using a qualified plastic surgeon? This video explains how in full details. I urge you to pass this page on to anyone who may be thinking about plastic surgery, to avoid disaster.

DIY Neon Nails

Tweet Do It Yourself Neon Nails – Today we have a tutorial on how to do neon nails. You can visit the whole tutorial by clicking on the image below . How To Get Neon Nails by cupcakesandcashmere.com

Pure Lift Ultra Cleanse Canada

Tweet Here is the Pure Lift Ultra Cleanse in Canada special link :

What Makes A Beautiful Face?

Tweet A reader of our site posted this link in another post’s comment section and it was good enough to warrant it’s own post. What exactly makes a beautiful face? Who is to judge? This site goes very in depth about what makes a beautiful face. Some of the sections there: http://www.uni-regensburg.de/Fakultaeten/phil_Fak_II/Psychologie/Psy_II/beautycheck/english/ Contents: Online Experiments […]

Smoking For 93 Years And Celebrates 100th Birthday!

Tweet Winnie Langley does what may shock many people – lights her 170,000th cigarette on her 100th birthday – smoking since she was very young. “I have smoked ever since infant school and I have never thought about quitting. Read more:

Can We Avoid Aging? TED Talks Aubrey De Grey Thinks So

Tweet Watch this very interesting video courtesty of TED.com. Aubrey De Grey has some very interesting and phenomenal insights into aging.

Home Made Brown Sugar Body Scrub!

Tweet How about a body scrub that a) Smells Delicious b) Is Homemade c) Smooths The Skin d) Very Affordable. That sounds great doesn’t it? Enter the Brown Sugar Body Scrub. Kristin over at GraceViolet.com has laid it all out for us. Thanks Kristin! Here is the link to the full brown sugar body scrub […]

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