Athlean X Reviews

Tweet Atlhean X is a very cool product on the click bank marketplace. They compare themselves to P90x and even make claims that they are better then them. By all means, Athlean X is no slouch in the fitness game. They have sold thousands of their products already in 2010 and show no signs of […]

Flirty Girl Fitness Review

Tweet So Flirty Girl Fitness has been getting superb reviews and it seems like this truly is the answer for many people. I guess the fact that it’s so fun and at the same time seems effortless, allows people to see this workout right through to the end without even noticing it – in fact […]

Kalamata Olive Diet

Tweet One of the most searched for diet trends this week (it changes like every week), is the Kalamata Olive Diet. After a lengthy search online, we ended up pretty bare with the origination of this diet. Probably a tv show or radio show.  Let us know in the comments where you first heard about […]