Collagen Booster

This article is aimed at providing you the right solution for a collagen repair or collagen booster skin care treatment.

All of us want to look young in the natural way.  We all want skin that is not dry, wrinkled or a skin that sags.     The industry that has become more profitable because of these human desires is the collagen repair industry.

Dermatological procedures that are cosmetic and temporary in nature, a huge variety of skin care lotions and creams from different brands are only some of the hype that the consumers are coming face to face on a daily basis.

I wish to share with you some of the research that I have done on the subject in order to let you decide on the best treatment that suits your needs.  This will help you save a lot of time and money on products and treatments that might prove ineffective or in some cases harmful to you too.

  1. Collagen Skin Repair Creams – The molecules that make up a collagen are too big to be able to penetrate the skin and go deep inside it.  Hence anti aging creams bragging about having collagen itself as one of their ingredients are nothing but bluff.  The collagen that is present in these anti-aging creams do not penetrate the skin as they should be and just form a top layer on top of the skin itself.
  2. Botox and some of the other collagen skin repair injections are nothing but costly, painful and very much temporary in their effectiveness.  This form of treatment is actually temporary because the collagen is again reabsorbed back into the skin itself and hence the necessity of repeating this procedure again and again

Contrary to the above, a real collagen booster helps and supports your body in producing its own natural collagen.  This means that the repair of the skin will happen naturally and hence will be more effective and permanent in nature.  The other advantages of this kind of treatment are that it is affordable by all alike, is not painful and is very effective.

However, since this form of treatment is natural, expect to see results only after at least a couple of weeks.  Your skin will take at least a few weeks to rejuvenate itself.  But if you consider this waiting period with the fact that you are going to actually have a supple, wrinkle-free and firm skin you will also agree with me in saying that it is worth the wait!

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