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**We never accept money or information from our readers – We don’t sell anti aging products, this is called a portal**

– It’s also an individual entity writing this blog, it’s not a front for any anti aging company.
NOTE – DO NOT contact us about returns of products, complaints about products, or issues about billing. We do NOT sell any products at all, it’s just a social network. If you have COMPLAINTS about the product, leave it on the CUSTOMER REVIEWS of each product, and we will publish for all to see.

Once again, we CANNOT assist you with any specific anti aging product, our site is simply pulling in feeds and putting up listings of current products, so you can review them.

We get at least one message a week like this so if you’re loking to complain about the product, look for their official website. We don’t and never will sel anti aging products or take money directly from our reader.

If you’d like to contact us for whatever reason, please use and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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5 Responses to “Contact Us”
  1. Elin says:


    I live in Sweden and are unable to order Body Solutions Cellulite System. I really would like to order it. Could you help me by letting me know how I can find it somewhere else and how I can order it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kevin, try the Viontol website.


  3. producta says:

    Elin – I’m not quite sure what you could do if you are in a country they don’t ship to . Perhaps go to a local drug mart and look for something similar?


  4. How can I return my trial offer of Bella Clear. I need to get an RMA number to do so

  5. melissa bryant says:

    Have just checked my another bank statement to find that I have been charged £77.04 plus an overseas transaction fee back in April 11 – Fef FCMMSj877-614-3258 – am convinced now that you used my details from the ‘free trial’ of tooth whitener to steal from my account as I have not, i repeat NOT ever bought any products nor authorised any payments from my acount. This is all illegal and i will be contacting the relevant american chamber of commerce complaints department.

    You cannot hide behind your disclaimer, claiming you do not sell products and are not responsible – you are, you even state in the small print how you take commission so you are most definitely involved and your site has direct link to purc hasing products. I don’t even know what i am supposed to have bought, but of course i would not know, because i have not. I intend fully to pursue this to the end and get a refund for every illegally procured payment from yourselves – you are the site that appears on my bank statement!

    I am disgusted, especially as this money stolen is taken from my invalidity benefits and child benefit.

    Please DO SOMETHING before the full force of the law comes knocking on your door and stop hiding behind anonymity pretending it is nothing to do with you.

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