Endermologe, Vela smooth and TriActive Cellulite Treatments

by Guest Writer Katie H.

Endermologe, Vela smooth and TriActive are three new innovative cellulite treatments. They are office or spa based treatments that may reduce the appearance of cellulite through manual massage and/or light or energy based treatment. The average cost is $100-$200 per session, and three to five sessions are recommended. The procedures take about thirty to sixty minutes per session. All three procedures are outpatient procedures and don’t require overnight hospital stay.

The procedures are not painful enough to warrant the use of any anesthetic whatsoever. Recovery time is not required, and you could safely go to the beach right after your procedure without anyone seeing any evidence. A series of six to twelve treatments, plus maintenance sessions are required and recommended to see the best results as well as sustain results. There are no serious risks involved with any of these procedures, although outcome is not always accurately predictable.

Thermal injury such a minor burns can occur with improper use so it is important to have your procedure done by a respected physician. Because these are all relatively new treatments, long-term results are unknown, but they are usually temporary without the recommended maintenance treatments. Endermologe, Vela Smooth and TriActive are all exciting and inexpensive new ways to improve the appearance of cellulite.

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