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A facelift is the best way to address sagging, aging skin, deep creases and volume loss that contribute to an aged appearance. But a facelift does much more than simply lift the skin. It actually lifts the underlying muscles and tissues, and by putting them back to a more youthful position we put less tension on the skin. If skin is pulled to tight, warping can produce a somewhat unnatural looking outcome, which was more common with facelifts performed just a few decades ago. A facelift can offer dramatic results. A well trained surgeon with an artistic eye will aim for naturally looking results including a smooth, firm face with uplifted and rounded features. The only people who should know that you had a facelift are those you choose to tell.

A facelift is performed through an incision that begins at the temples and extends  behind the natural curve of the ear, hidden in the hair behind the ear or following the hairline, down to the nape of the neck. The length of your incision depends on the extent of the signs of aging and sagging. Your surgeon adjusts and repositions underlying muscles and fat before the skin is repositioned and the excess is removed. The neck can also be addressed through this incision. However, a small incision is often made under the chin as well as well. But a facelift isn’t just about taking away, for the most natural looking results, your surgeon may also add fat back to where it once was as another means of restoring a youthful appearance.

A facelift offers a permanent advantage in that you’ll always look seven to ten years younger than if you hadn’t had it done. Results depend upon your general health, genetics, skin elasticity, quality of skin, and environment. He adds that sun exposure smoking and significant weight loss also can affect your facelift’s longevity. In many cases, a facelift is a one time procedure, although that can vary depending on your age at the time of your first lift and your individual signs of aging.

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