Heel Tastic

As seen on TV! Heel-Tastic is made with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal ingredients that penetrate deep to the source to not only soothe dry skin, but to keep your skin soft, silky and smooth. Heel-Tastic™ is also great for rough knees, dry, itchy elbows, even cuticles!

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Eligible Countries For HeelTastic:

– Canada


Heel-Tastic Reviews – Reviews of Heeltastic

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Main Benefits of Heel-Tastic


Heals your “Heels”


Leaves Skin Silky


Makes Rough Skin Smooth


Rejuvenate Gross Heels

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6 Responses to “Heel Tastic”
  1. Janice says:

    Yes! Heel Tastic worked on my Face!!!- I have pre-cancerous skin on my face – I have tried everything even freeze drying. I bought Heel Tastic for my heels and thought – I try it on my face – WOW what a difference in 7 days. Both spots on my face are almost gone!!!!! Heel Tastic is Awesome!!!!! It seemed to heal it from the inside out. Thank you to the inventory!!!!!


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