Most Popular Weight Loss Surgery In The USA

The most popular weight loss surgery in the United Sates is gastric bypass surgery. This procedure limits the amount of food your stomach ca hold and affects the body’s absorption of calories and nutrients. The lap band is another option, but it affects the size of the stomach simply by the placement of an elastic band around the stomach without altering the digestive process. This band can be loosened or tightened as desired to limit the size of the stomach pouch. Used worldwide, for a number of years, it is the only FDA approved weight loss device available in the united states.

Since these procedures are minimally invasive thanks to advances in laparoscopic surgery, recovery is generally speedy. Gastric bypass still requires at least an overnight hospital stay, but the Lap Band procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis. While these are reversible in theory, they rarely are because it would result in weight gain in the patient. Weight loss operations should not be viewed as a quick fix but rather as a tool.. We know that a successful long-term outcome requires a life long commitment to exercise and diet modification as well as a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers to ensure careful follow up.

After losing excess weight, the excess hanging skin that remains can be problematic. When someone loses that much weight it can be equated to a deflated balloon. They may be toned underneath, yet they have so much lose skin that they may not be able to wear normal clothing. Sever cases of excess skin can also lead to rashes, irritation and physical discomfort. In these situations body lift surgery is the only recourse, essentially trimming the excess skin so it conforms to the body’s new contours. The key to any of these surgeries is not to take a cookie cutter approach because no two people are the same, and we have many methods at our disposal. The skin reducing reconstruction surgeries must be custom designed for each patient.

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