NuBrilliance Reviews

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NuBrilliance Reviews: Feel free to add anything on to this post by contributing in the comments section at the bottom. This cool product is an at home microdermabrasion piece of equipment, similar to what you’d get done profesionally at a spa. It’s truly an innovation in anti aging skin care.

NuBrilliance aims to Minimize :

– Wrinkles
– Fine Lines
– Age Spots
– Uneven Skin Texture
– Enlarged pores


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There are plenty of reasons why someone would rather do this from  home in their own privacy then by somebody else at a spa. You have your own reasons.  Things like scarring can be embarrassing (although it’s natural and shouldn’t be), that’s why products like HD Scar Solution and this are so great to order online.

NuBrilliance is actually cheaper than you may have thought – only $200 but right now you can get a free 30 day trial to test the product. All you need to do to get this very limited time deal is pay the $14.95 shipping and handling charges. A cool product you might consider combining with this is UltraRes. If you order today, NuBrilliance will add the following as bonuses:

3 Piece Prep & Recovery Kit ($140 Value)
– Preparation Cleanser,
– Collagen Regenerator, and a
– SPF Moisturizing Protector.

There you have NuBrilliance In a Nutshell. If you have cellulite too then zap it seperately with Rejuvinx which specifically targets problem cellulite areas.

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16 Responses to “NuBrilliance Reviews”
  1. Hopeful says:

    Please be aware that if you purchase the Nubrilliance system through their Website, and choose the single payment option. . . although it says that NO shipping/handling fee will be charged, it WAS for me.
    Turns out the only way to correct is by calling the company. I’ve called, but must call back after the order has appeared in their system.
    It was difficult to get through the first time (was told lines had been down. Earlier just phone ringing, no message and I started worrying about legitimacy of company). I am not looking forward to trying to get this corrected. I chose the single payment option because in the long run it was to be cheaper. Am really hoping the product is very nice as to make up for first impressions. . .which obviously have NOT been good.

  2. Curious says:

    first impressions aside, I do hope your experience with the actual product goes well. I am interested in trying this out too.

  3. dubious says:

    Like Hopeful, I was also charged for shipping when selecting the one payment -no fee for shipping option. Got the same story – wait until order has appeared in the system. Company also sold my email address and now I am getting spammed with adds. I recieved the product this afternoon , and had bought extra tips at purchase… there was only ONE additional tip in the box. I am THISCLOSE to calling the BBB if this is not resolved immediately when I call tomorrow. Have not even tried the product, but thus far the experience associated with the product has been very, very poor!

  4. NOT a Fan says:

    Be careful when you try not to exceed the 30 day trial period though. They will bill you right on the dot and you will not get that money back if you do decide to return the product. So far, the product has been too harsh for my skin, leaving it extremely dry…

  5. wendy w says:

    just ordered must say it took 8 weeks for it to come in…ill keep you posted if it works or not..

  6. pj says:

    I got NuBrilliance for Christmas 2009 and I have been using it about twice a week since then. It is now June, 2010. I have definitely seen a difference in my skin and I have received unsolicited comments from people who keep telling me my skin looks so good and I look so much younger than my age, which really shocked me. I am 46 years old. I use the rougher abrasion tip on my face neck. I highly recommend this product. I use my Neutrogena cleanser before I use the NuBrilliance, then I apply the Collagen Regenerator and then face lotion with SPF. I also use Roc and Olay products. I stay out of the sun and use an SPF 30-50 on my face year-round.

  7. Teresa Marie says:

    PJ, thank you for the review! All review of the product have been useless, as they do not pertain to the product rather their experience with the shipper :)

  8. Amy says:

    I am 25 and suffered severe acne and have a lot of scaring. I just ordered this but i heard today that it could be too harsh on “younger” skin like mine. Does anyone have anything to share about that?

    & Not a fan, how old are you and what lotions and such did you use with it?

  9. colleen says:

    I have been using the nubrillance 2 to 3x’s a week for about 8 months now. There has been no change or difference in my skin from using this product. It doesn’t do anything. Very disappointed with this product. Oil of olay regenirist did a better job.

  10. Dawn says:

    I ordered this on December 24, 2010. It arrived 5 1/2 weeks later. I used it for 10 minutes and then the suction power stopped. The motor still makes noise, but there is no suction. I called the company and they told me to send it back for an exchange. We’ll see what happenes. I must admit that the mechanisms and buttons etc on the machine are very cheap looking…not what I expected at all.

  11. Beverly says:

    I received this product today and immediately put it to work. While I couldn’t immediate help with wrinkles, the texture of my face and neck were smoother almost immediately! So far, very pleased! I will try to keep you posted. Although I do agree with Dawn about the overall appearance of the machine seems a bit toy-like for the price tag. However, the suction is great!

  12. gloria says:

    After 2 treatments I noticed results..I am 59 and this is the first time I felt my pores were clean…I also noticed the shrinkage of my pore after 2 wks. I really have to say am glad I tried this wonderful machine. As far as the suction , you have to hold it on your skin in a specical way only yours hands can tell to create a strong connection, wait at least 30 secs.. I use the course and high level because my skin is use to now….I clense tips with alchol once a wk and always HOT h20 after each treatment. Air dry and they are as good as new.
    Really folks this suction treatment has brought the bad crap out of my skin.

  13. Rae says:

    have had this product for three weeks and have used it faithfully every other day for the first two weeks and now I have started every day. I have seen no results…NOTHING! It claims it will help fade dark spots. I didn’t expect them to disappear but they are not even fading. I tried to start the return process but they make it really hard. There is no information on their website on how to return it and no information enclosed with the product. When I did call customer service, once I said what I wanted I was placed on hold and “disconnected”. They also sold my information to telemarketers and I have received an insane amount of pushy calls. I am not looking forward to getting this returned.

  14. Judy says:

    Does anyone using nubrillance have rosacea?
    I don’t have it real bad. But makeup helps…
    I always got complimented on how young I look.Or me and my Daughter are beautiful sisters. I love that one at age 47 next month! :)
    Thank God for philosophy and good genes.
    I really want it for my Dbf to try it.
    He has a scar by his mouth from skin cancer and he thinks it’s real ugly but I don’t. He has had enough surgeries. So that’s not going to happen.

    Thank you for anyone that could help me on my decision on buying one. 😉

  15. mommyof3 says:

    I have suffered from moderate adult acne for years and although the nu brillance doesnt stop the acne, the texture and healing time from the acne has improved dramatically. People who know my skin comment on how great my face looks and the increased rejuvenation of your skin produces a glow to my skin. I am truly impressed with thte product but obviously,, it isn’t for everyone.

  16. I received this machine last night. Suction is intermittent and the machine is very noisy. I called CustomerService this morning and got attitude. I was told I have to return the product at my own expense!!! I have never ncounbtered such greedy, underhanded policy from any product manaufacturer. Defective product retuirn postage is always paid by the manufactiurer. I am not sure this is even legal. So, by the time I return several dsefective machines, I will have watsed enough postage to pay for the machinee! Very disgusted with this seedy company.

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