SHOCKING Fatality Due To Experimental Anti Aging Drug!

Shocking lookback now at how a sister injected her only sibling with an experimental drug and inadvertantly killed her. This was an anti aging experimental drug that had not been tested and probably had a million and one false promises.

It saddens us that such a tragic thing happened. This should be a reminder to all of us that indeed we should always buy legit anti aging products, not some random INJECTED medicine that is clearly dangerous and clearly experimental. We have never even heard of an anti aging drug before that is injected via needle until this fatal case.

According to the Telegraph:

Both sisters worked for a pharmaceutical company, Amro Biotech, set up by their mother, Dr Arpi Matossian-Rogers.

Amro Biotech had spent more than £3 million developing the drug, known as “B71”, to treat diabetes, cancer and was even hoped to reverse ageing.

Doctors or not, that is simply not good testing for anti aging. Most products go through much better and streamlined processes to be safely distributed to the market.

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