Summer 2010 Hairstyle Trends

Summer 2010 Hairstyles Trends


We say goodbye to the super hair fixed and structured to welcome the natural hair with lots of volume. The cuts this summer take advantage of the freedom of the season to be at home, which is appreciated, because you can rest on the iron and will give your hair time to recover their beauty and brightness.

The cuts come from the most natural and important to focus on pampering your hair and have the greatest possible brightness. Besides good food, you can find oil that will spread an extra sparkle to your color.

The super-straight is out, and the court should follow and take advantage of the natural movement of hair, either long, short or half of both paths. We can have these hair styles using only the dryer at home.

Dare to be short for the summer. If you have already decided to remove the hair, you’ll be glad to know that there are thousands of options for short hair. Besides the convenience of not having hair is long, you’ll appreciate the feeling of freshness and the time gained in the morning.

Youthful and fresh, I loved this proposal, because it can take very informal and fun or apply a fixative to look more serious, like when you have to go to the office.

If your hair is on the fair midway between the short and long, do not hesitate to let loose and cut in different lengths to create many movements. One of the characteristics of hairstyles this summer is to be simple to do and practical. For us, it is an advantage, because the summer heat, their air and suddenly unexpected rain, does not apply to a 24-hour perfect hair

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  1. Jasmine says:

    Great post, I’m extremely worried about my new hair for the fall.. EEK

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