Top 10 Ayurvedic Tips to Look Young!

This might be your first stint with Ayurveda.  However, the tips discussed in this article, will help you in converting your normal daily routines into rejuvenation and help you retain your youthfulness.

Tip # 1 – Start your day slowly and quietly

Before you go to sleep, keep repeating to yourself, what time you want to wake-up in the morning.  Your biological clock will wake you up exactly at that time.  Believe me!  You do not need an alarm!

Your body will wake-up automatically once it rejuvenates itself.

Tip # 2 – Eat properly

According to Ayurveda, there are three types of bodies:

If you tend to get cold, then avoid eating or drinking cold food.  Eat warm food, drink warm tea, etc and maintain your body as warm as possible

If you put on weight easily and struggle to shed the extra flab, then eat bitter and pungent foods.  Astringent and pungent types of foods are light, dry and hot.

If you tend to get hot, then do not skip your meals and avoid foods that stimulate your body.  Most importantly, eat only when you are hungry.

Tip # 3 – Self Massage

Make it your daily routine to massage yourself in the areas of your head, neck, shoulders, face, temples and your feet.  Massaging the whole of your body once in a week before bathing, helps in improving the lubrication and stimulation of the entire body

Tip # 4 – Laugh

The best way to push your mind towards success even through hard times is to laugh.  Laugh everyday and you will see that you are advancing towards your goals faster than before.

Tip # 5 – Rest – mentally, emotionally and physically

It is not a weakness if you rest.  In fact it provides much greater strength to stay focused.  Walk, breathe consciously and withdraw to yourself.  This is the perfect way to recharge your mind, body and soul.

Tip # 6 – Do not judge

You need to begin to accept things as they are.  Cultivate inner peace by not judging any person or any actions.

Tip # 7 – Be Active

Adjust your day-to-day activities depending upon the phase of life that you are in.  Do not try to behave like a 30 year-old when you are actually 50!

Tip # 8 – Spend some time with Nature

Spend some quiet and quality time in natural surroundings – may be a beach, amidst thick forest, etc.  Relishing nature’s wonders lets you balance your emotions and brings inner peace.

Tip # 9 – Sleep

Adapt the same sleeping pattern every day.  Go to bed and get out of it at the same time every day.

Tip # 10 – Unwind at Nights

Let your mind, body and soul retire and relax during the night.  Avoid stimulating your mind externally by watching T.V., or reading a book etc.

Adapting lifestyles and routines based on Ayurveda helps you to naturally rejuvenate the building blocks of your life.  This in turn will help you lead a relaxed life and at the same time lets you realize your dreams too!

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